Stories Abroad

Dubai Story

When I was in Dubai I went sky diving and had a great time. Well, it was until I got to the ground and noticed my keys are gone. On top of that it wasn’t just my keys. It was the keys to the car I rented attached to my backpack lock keys. Now to be honest they did warn me about things in my pockets or just bringing anything up really. There was a place on the ground to keep my stuff but I hadn’t thought much off it.

The coolest thing happened though. Since I still had some cash on me I took a cab back to the car rental place and they tracked the keys on their computer which I didn’t you could do. We had the general area which was a clearing about a full half mile away from the landing site. After a hour long search we found them and they just said be more careful and I continued my trip. I have never had better customer service. My time there was the best. I suggest Dubai anytime of the year.